Pokémon Red Release for Crowd Control

Pokémon Red Release!

It may have taken us a little bit longer than planned, but we are happy to announce that Pokémon is now available for user on Crowd Control! We have been working on this for a long time and put a lot of extra work into it this last week so we hope you enjoy it! This game has a few differences from our other games, so be sure to read carefully to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Check out the Item Pricing and set prices that you think your chat will respond to best. We made some default pricing for affiliates and partners but every community is different so try to spend some time before starting your stream to take a look and make adjustments. Also remember if during your stream you wish to edit prices you can, but you’ll want to stop the current Crowd Control session and edit prices before starting back up.

Also finally, we ask that you get familiar with BizHawk, the ability to save state, and especially rewind your game. (By default the hotkey for rewind is Shift+R) If you ever get stuck during your play though you can use this to rewind out of soft-locks, or other impossible type scenarios that might come up while using Crowd Control. The other thing to be aware of is that GameBoy games require a firmware to be installed for BizHawk, we can’t provide you with this file but to ensure that you have the correct file your file should match the following:

Filename CRC
[BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World).gb 59C8598E

Pokémon is a very different experience than other Crowd Control games, so be sure to save often and have fun!


We are currently working with 2 known issues on this launch, Pokémon Blue appears to have random crashes so for now only use Red. Also if your viewers send you too many items before you get Oaks Parcel and the potion you can receive from the NPC on route 1, your items can get over-written. So we suggest getting those items or avoiding them completely for now.


If you do have any issues, hit up support by going to our Discord or Forum and we will be more than happy to help!
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