Queue not working

!add < this works
!queue < not working

I want to have the bot show a link to the warpworld… how do I set this up?

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Hey, are you using the built-in bot or something like nightbot?
WarpBot, should make !queue work automatically.
OtherBot, you gotta add the command manually, check “bot commands”.

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For now, I have !queue just post a link to the queue list… but the script for the commands, gives me something that just doesn’t work… The !add one works fine… I haven’t checked the other commands yet!

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I’m still not sure which bot you use, but there seems to be nothing wrong with your queue response.

You can view it at: http://warp.world/bot/queue?streamer=gukingofheart&submitter=thedurland
and as of writing this it currently returns :

@thedurland, Next 3 levels are: Ganon wants his lair back :O, Bowser’s Boss Gauntlet, Cleveland Steam! With a total 3 levels! http://warp.world/q?s=gukingofheart Queue is open!

Combine that link with one of NightBots $(urlfetch), AnkhBots $readapi() or DeepBots @customapi@[] in order to echo that message into your chat (don’t forget to replace my name with the person actually triggering the command).

You can get the commands as a whole if you visit the link I posted earlier.

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