Random wheel and submitters in chat and other questions

Sorry for my bad english. I use warpbot. Thanks for the awesome work !

  1. I saw some streamers having a wheel to select the next random level but no one want to give me the secret. Is there anything I can do directly with warp.world ? I see some wheels come from http://wheeldecide.com/ but I dont understand how to setup this with warp world. I saw too somebody with a very specific and well designed wheel but he don’t want to say me what he do for that. This guy give too more chance for sub levels than non-sub levels.
    Any help ?

  2. Then I saw some streamers using warp world and asking the submitter to talk in chat before playing the level. If the submitter is not here the level is skipped. I dont found the option to do that. Do I miss something ? I only get an option for Online/Offline subscriber who work good but I find chat option more cool.

  3. I use the warp bar overlay and it work good but when I do a !next or a !rand he don’t display the preview of the level in the popout, there is not popout at all. Not really important, just asking.

  4. I found that in the warp bar setup you can set a radius. Sadly you cannot reset that you always must put a little radius and cannot remove at all if you don’t want a radius. You can see by streamers using the warp bar they have all a radius.

Again thanks for the awesome work, this tool is so great! And I hope someone can take time to help me!


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  1. Warp World has an open API, so if you have any coding knowledge you can build your own wheel. Most likely that’s what the streamer you’ve seen have done, as WW do not have any such wheel out of the box.

  2. The command is currently unlisted from the settings page, if you’re using WarpBot (the built-in bot, ie not NightBot) you can trigger it by typing !call or !callrand, and stop the search with !callstop.

  3. Not sure why that is, maybe @jaku can answer that.

  4. I think someone mentioned that in discord too, it’s a bug at the setup page iirc. No one have just had time to fix it yet.


Thanks you a lot thedurland for the answers. Cheers.

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