Redemptions Limit Per Viewer

Why the heck are my viewers being told after 12 point conversions that they have to wait until next stream? WHY can I not disable this limit? Or limit it to something much higher than 12???

This new feature desperately needs re-evaluated.

This is not a new feature. It’s always been restricted. However, recently with Crowd Control Pro streamers are able to change it to any number between 1-12 before it was a static number that could not be changed.

When we first launched the channel point conversions it was limited to 8, we’ve increased it twice with 12 being the new max. We’ve done plenty of testing with users and streamers on this.

The reason for this limit is not short sighted. We worked with streamers before we launched the conversions and have continued to work with them. In testing we did a bunch of trials and without the limits we found that the conversions increased chat spam, and viewers ended up converting all of their channel points to coins. This then caused multiple issues with the streamers channel points economy and the Crowd Control coins economy.

Users has no channel points for the other activations and are unable to revert back. If the streamer wasn’t doing Crowd Control the viewers complained that they had all the coins and nothing to do with them. This also requires the streamer to increase the prices of effects which effectively reduced the cost of entry for new users to send effects as everything was out of their price range.

You are completely in control of your prices on the Crowd Control effects, reducing those to match the rewards limit helps keep both economies in a good balance.

If you still wish to have “more” conversions the limit is per-session. You can simply click stop in the Crowd Control app and click start again and they will be able to redeem 12 conversions on each of the rewards again.

Again, we didn’t go into this process lightly and are all streamers ourselves. We continue to look at this and all features and take all feedback into consideration.

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