Remove WW bot from Twitch, keep in Discord?

I set up WarpWorldBot in my Twitch channel, but have since decided I’d prefer it only be accessible in my Discord. I unmodded it, but it still responds to commands in chat. I tried removing my account connection to Warp World on Twitch, but it seems that’s the only way to log in to the Warp World site.

I could ban the bot from my Twitch chat I suppose, but surely there’s some other way to disconnect it working in Twitch, while still working in Discord?


Remove the Warp Bar from your OBS/xSplit.

The bot runs in the bar as mentioned on the site.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

If I want to display level codes/users who submitted via discord while streaming, with the Warp Bar, that means adding back to OBS, and that will re-engage the bot in Twitch? Or is there a way to show Warp Bar without it ever interacting with Twitch chat?

Currently yes that would be the case. Because everything works off of Twitch as the default. We can add a way to silent the bar as the old version did have that functionality but that was more for users that used multiple bars.

One suggestion you can do right now, the URL that we provide for the bar is actually a redirect. If you open it in your browser you’ll get a URL that looks like this.

If you change the value for channel to “settings”. That will have the bot connect and listen on that channel instead. Which isn’t a real channel on Twitch but does connect. So you could replace the URL with a custom one there to prevent it from talking.

Additionally you could change all the commands the bot replies to with random characters so no one figures out how to trigger it.

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Ah thank you for the workarounds! I will likely do the re-direct you suggested first, but did think of changing the commands, then assumed they would change the commands in discord as well. Can I have separate commands for discord and twitch, or are the commands universal to all platforms?

Regardless, thanks for the URL workaround!

Discord only supports and uses !add and is hard coded to !add.

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