Removing accidental completed Maker ID from SMM2?

I know its possible to remove levels marked down as Completed from the SMM1 warp world queue.

QUESTION/MAIN STATEMENT - But theirs no way to see a LIST of completed levels for SMM2 warp world queue. To remove accidental completed SMM2 Maker IDs.

I know warp world offers an option to allow completed levels to be re-submitted into your queue. BUT that just brings even more trouble to a person such as myself that has completed thousands of levels using this bot. (and main reason why i don’t use a different website that offers the same thing)

Example: VWY-437-JJF (my maker code) I mark it down as completed accidentally or on purpose
So the bot wont let me re add that maker code, since its completed…
Is there a way to REMOVE maker code like there was for SMM1?

We don’t have a way for users to do that at this current time, but yeah that is a missing feature for this. I can remove a maker ID manually for now, and will work on an update to allow users to do this.

You can use this for now.

It works, and you can find any MakerIDs by searching for “MakerID”. The page refreshes on any action. But it works.