Server Maintenance Completed!

The Warp World server migration is now completed! Warp World has been running on the same server for over 1,000 days now, and the server has an uptime slightly higher than the age of Super Mario Maker! As the uptime of the server increased, so did our worries about failure of the server. We had nightly backups and tested those backups often enough to be confident that we could restore the services if needed. However we didn’t want to be scrambling for the day that it happened, so luckily we never had to scramble to restore all services. The server did have a few minor failures in the past or some mini issues here and there but no full blown server outages. fingers crossed

So the good news is that the server is now migrated to a more disaster proof system and with that comes multiple improvements.


  • We cleaned up a bunch of the code to make things a little more sane, after 3 years of adding features and fixing bugs a lot of things started to get a bit hacky.
  • Fixed some bugs that have been annoying but not system breaking. Like the Warp Bar reloading when Opening/Closing the queue.
  • Site should 100% be over HTTPS, the API still has HTTP access, but the main site should be HTTPS everywhere.
  • Fixed it so the WarpBar/WarpBot will detect multiple bars of the same streamer being loaded and will silence the older ones so no more repeated chat messages.
  • Moved the WarpBar to it’s own domain (older URLs should redirect).
  • Nightbot should work more often due to the next item and some of the above.
  • Created a new client/server setup for grabbing levels to help get around the blocks that Nintendo would put on some of our IPs, this should also help increase the response time when submitting levels as well.
  • And most likely some other things that I can’t really remember.

Overall, mostly nothing has changed for you, everything you used to use with Warp World should still function without much of a change. The biggest thing you should notice is some increase in speed.

Future Updates:

We are still working on improving some our other services; and While they are getting the most of our attention, this has led to less focus on the Warp World 2.0 site. We hope to resume work on that soon and we really do have some exciting things in the works. We hope that this slight update shows you that we are still very committed to the original Warp World site.

Special Thanks:
Shoutouts to and for helping out with the Warp World site and migration. All 3 of us have been the only team members to see the code of Warp World and have an understanding of how it works. I couldn’t have done this migration and many of these past few updates without them! Thanks!