Set level as completed when redoing the same level submitted by others

Hello there

Sorry for the long title. I will explain what I mean with it.

Lets say viewer A submit one of his level X. I as a streamer skip this level and have
the one feature with resubmitting a skipped level on.

Now a viewer B want to submit again the level X (even if he did not submitted as first).
The viewer B could be myself too, why not.

Now when I finish this level X, and complete it, it will appear once as a skipped level and
also as a completed level.

If you have a look at my own warp world queue, you will see what I mean.

Now my idea or suggestion would be to delete everyone who submitted it latter on, and set only for the
first submitter the flag for completed. (It is definitely another solution too, I guess)

What would you say? Is this a bug or is this an intended behaviour?

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Hello double_pmcl,

It may be a bit unclear how it works, but don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you.

There’s 2 actions you can take when removing a level.

Skip - The orange button in your dashboard, or !skip in your chat.
When skipping a level you indicate that you don’t wish to play that level again, and you didn’t complete it. No one will be able to submit that levelcode again, so it’s marked as “skipped” in your queue. The only exception is you, the broadcaster, can bypass that restriction and submit any level, which is why you was able to submit it even tho it was already marked as skipped.

Remove - The red button in your dashboard, or !remove in your chat.
This is most likely what you’re looking for. This will remove the current level from the queue and allow the submitter to submit it later again for you to complete.

Hope this clear things up. Cheers!


Ahh I see, I know the thing with the remove button, but I did not know the full stuff with the skip.

So I can actually submit the same level again, even if it is skipped? I see.

Thanks for clearing this up.


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