Skyrim "Launch" not working

It seems as though the “launch” command that viewers can use is not working. It says that they launched the player, but nothing seems to happen. Has anyone else run into this issue or know how to fix it?

The launch effect requires you to get past the first part of the game when your hands are tied behind your back. It won’t work until that. What I don’t know is if you started an from a previous game that was past that with CC if it will work. But I just tested it on another stream and it appears to be working.

I actually started from the very beginning and even beyond that it still hasn’t worked for me. I am actually starting to experience constant crash to desktops so I will try uninstalling/reinstalling Skyrim and CC then see if that resolves any of the issues I’m having.

I get that occasionally with the crashing (unsure if CC related or not) , but last night I had a glitch were user tried to launch me twice didnt work, so I forced a launch didnt work. Reloaded the game, started working again. Kinda wish there was a refund option for us to give back to the user lol