[SOLVED] Option to ban specific levels from being submitted

As of now, we have options to ban users and creators from submitting levels/their levels. However, this doesn’t necessarily stop people from submitting certain levels repeatedly (ahem Lucky Draw ahem), and I’d rather not ban a creator outright for a single level of theirs.

Would it be possible to implement a command to ban a level from being submitted to the queue?

If you get the level, and click “skip”. It will not allow that level to be played again by default.

Does this mean players are not able to submit it again, as otherwise I’m afraid I’ve been quite dense about this.

Yes, Skip is for “Thanks, but I won’t play it again”, and Remove is for “This was fun, I might want to try it again, submit it next time”.

You can always do !allow USER if you want to try a level that you’ve skipped or completed in the past.

Huh, I was completely unaware of this. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this <3

@jaku even trough this is solved, is there a possibility to add the button to the Multi queue?

No. Because the way MultiQueue works is that the “viewer” is the entry. Skipping a “viewer” means that you will never allow that viewer to enter again. Removing them would remove them from the queue and allow them to enter again.