Some question about warp world

Hello, i will use warp world bot for the first time and have some question:

first: I Connect the bot with my steam and he should post in my name and i make a queue and it’s open and Status Page says that everything is fin and now my questions:

is it important that I use WarpBar for the bot to work properly or can I i use the bot without it? The commands from the bot only work when my stream is live?

Where can i set that a mario maker lvl must have a spezial clear rate?

how can i show the Mario Maker lvl id like in the photo?


The WarpBar must be active for the bot to be active.

You can test offline, but again the bar must be active.

We don’t have clear rate settings for SMM2, that was just for SMM1.

That screenshot is of another application and is not made by Warp World.

thanks for the answer, the status page says everything is fin. When i test the command the bot didnt giv a report . i see that the WarpBar isnt activated, how i activated the WarpBar?