Stardew valley spawn mobs disconnect CC

Hey My problem is that when i stream Stardew valley, when people try to spawn in bats and other things, CC disconnect and then starts up again. They can give me coins, and one laso gave my darkness, but mobs dosn’t work.

Are you running on the English version of the game? We’ve encountered this issue only once before and haven’t been able to get much feedback from the user that it happened to.

They were playing on a Swedish version of the game.

For now you can disable each of the spawn effects on the pricing menu to prevent it from crashing.

Let us know about your game and if you’d be free to help us troubleshoot the issue further.

how do I know what version I’m playing on??

If you bought the game directly from Steam and reside in the US. Then the game would be the English version.

Otherwise if you live somewhere else or you got the game somewhere else, let us know where.

I bought it on steam, but I live in Denmark, so it could be another version then US.

Alright thanks. Chances are there is something slightly different in other regions that are causing issues. Now that we know it’s happened to more than 1 person we can try to identify cause.

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I ran some experiments and found out that this bug depends on the “Regional format” setting in Windows. All Swedish and Danish settings cause the monster spawn to break, as do various other combinations of languages and locations.

I’ve compiled an (incredibly incomplete) list of some settings that do and do not work: Spawn Effects not working · Issue #15 · tesla1889tv/ControlValleyMod · GitHub

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Is it possible to easily to change from DK to US and back again??

You shouldn’t need to update back and forth anymore. The pack has been reworked to fix the issue on any language.

thanks will try it later.

I still have the same problem. I tried to re-download the mod (ControlValley) and install it. It stills disconnect Crowd control, when I try to spawn a mob.

Looks like the fix was accepted but a new version of the mod was not built. We’ll get that figured out and should have an update in the next day or so.

My estimate was way off. You can try this one and we’ll get the guides updated later today.

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It worked. Thank you.