Streamelements Custom Chat Command Issues

So I’m attempting to create a custom chat command in StreamElements that makes a call out to Warp World to add Mario Maker 2 levels to my queue. I’ve created the queue and selected Super Mario Maker 2 as the game. I have the command below entered in the chat command settings and get “Sorry that level doesn’t seem to exist! Check your code again!”


I’ve even tried to enable “No Validation” and it looks as though it’s still validating the level’s existence. Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like you somehow got to the old page for Super Mario Maker 1, which supported any bot that could take custom commands.

With MultiQueue you just have the option to run our WarpBot which is tied to your WarpBar. As long as the bar is open a bot will reply in chat.

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Ah okay, no worries. Is there any chance the MultiQueue will support custom bot commands in the future?

EDIT: Oh, and if you’re curious as to the use case for using StreamElements custom commands, me and my buddy would like the option to require viewers to spend channel points in order to add levels to the queue.