Super Mario Maker 2 Support

Hey all! Jaku here with some important information on Warp World support for Super Mario Maker 2!

Right now without that bookmark site we are unable to easily validate the level codes being submitted to your chat are valid codes. We are also unable to get stats or information about a level if a valid code is submitted. This severely limits our ability to provide you with a tool similar to the original Warp World queue system for Super Mario Maker 1. However, that doesn’t mean we are unable to provide you with something while we work on getting a solution in place.

The Warp World MultiQueue does have some basic support for Super Mario Maker 2. We’ve created a video that helps walk you through the setup and get a basic understanding of the features and limits that the queue currently has.

It should be noted that MultiQueue was created as more of a “Streamer vs Viewer” type system with support for games like Super Smash Bros. or any other fighting game. Some of the default names, commands, and responses might be more suited for those games, but you as the streamer can customize them and anything that isn’t currently customizable should be getting that support shortly.

The original Warp World queue software launched with basic features similar to what MultiQueue has now, but we quickly expanded that original feature set quickly by listening to the community. We will be adding features to MultiQueue as fast as possible and will be working to do so in a way that should make as many features as possible work in other queue types.

Some of the things we plan to add to MultiQueue are:

  • Level Timer
  • Timer alert when going over time limit
  • Allow multiple level submissions by same user
  • Chat announcements
  • Better customization of WarpBar

Thank you for all of your support in the least 3 years with the original Warp World Queue software. We hope you join us again for Super Mario Maker 2. We are excited for some of the ideas and features we are working on and hope you are too!


can i use this with nightbot

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No, it has a built in bot (WarpWorldBot) or you can use your own custom Twitch bot name.

so, it is still not working for me

What issue are you having? Are you using the correct URL? Are you OBS or xSplit user? Our discord has a #help channel for Warp Queue and multiple issues users have are mentioned in there and are resolved. Telling people that “it is still not working for me” without much information does not make it easy to troubleshoot the issue you are having.

Hey Jaku, is it possible to show the “notes” on the warpbar. I think it would be a nice idea to show the level id that the viewers post as notes! is there a variable for the notes … sth like “$notes$” ? … greetings

This is possible with the $activeEntryNote variable. It should be obvious that it will only work if the entry is active. :wink:

Hey Jaku! I saw the video on YouTube about SMM2 and it’s nice that it works for Twitch. But what about YouTube? I have seen content creators for SMM 1 got it to work with their YouTube channel after linking it up with nightbot.

YouTube has always been a work around. The site was built for Twitch and the new bot is pretty much only Twitch right now. I can’t support multiple sites at the moment, as the bugs and things get ironed out on here we can see about getting YouTube but for now it’s not gonna be easy.

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Hey Jaku!
I’ve got the multiqueue working but it’s showing “New item” as one of the entries. I’ve gone through the WarpBar info and there is no “New item” code.
Any ideas?

It might not have taken your entry. Try refreshing and then if that doesn’t work try creating a new queue and setting it up the same way.

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Hey! So this is my first time trying out warp world and I have been fiddling with the settings trying to get it to work. I have warpworldbot as a moderator in my channel and I have added the source on my Streamlabs OBS. Whenever I type commands in chat nothing happens, I have tried a bunch of the different commands to see if it would work but the bot hasn’t responded letting me know they work. I was hoping to set this up before I am live to avoid editing and troubleshooting on air, is it only meant to work if my channel is live?

It will work as long as the WarpBar source is active. Do you get a bar when you load the URL? If you DM me on Discord the bar, I can see if there are any errors. jaku#1337

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The warp bar source is active and shows up in streamlabs. I will give it a shot when I go live later and reach out if I can’t manage to get it to work. Thanks for the quick response!

i tried for the life of me to do the twitch bot name but in obs when i put the url it doesnt seem to work then i went to check twitch bot i set as mod but wont activate when i put in command i know you must be super busy so maybe i woll try it whenever you done with mm2 warpworld set up it is ok i appreciate for you to even take the time to respond thanks again

If you’re using OBS Classic, it will not work. OBS Studio is supported. That’s the only issue I could see you having at this point.

OBS Classic runs a version of a browser that is over 4 years old and the new WarpBar cannot run on that old of a browser.

So, I’ve connected the warpbot to my bot, set up a multiqueue, Put in my bar as a browser source (it shows up and displays correctly), and when I do !add and the xxx-xxx-xxx code my bot returns @kuromankuro you are in position number: 1!

but when I command !next all it brings up is " Hey kuromankuro you are now up! Be ready!" rather than giving me a level code to enter. also, I cant see a list of level codes and submitter names on the queue page. Am I supposed to look at the queue page and see the currently up level and that’s my only way of interacting with the list? or am I missing something? (Streamlabs OBS if that matters.)

It’s highly suggest you use the website and not the chat commands.

I do exactly what the YT video and this site say to do and when !add is used it gives the same “this is not a valid level” response. Is there something I’m not doing or that is already set in the YT video that isn’t being explained or something?

You’re using the old site and bar.

Check out this image that shows what to do.