Super Mario World prices not saving

Any other game I try to change the prices on, they update and save. But for “Super Mario World (SNES)”, the prices never save, so my viewers can’t use the coins on effects.

Whenever I go back to the pricing screen, I always get the popup telling me the effects aren’t activated and I need to change the prices to activate it.

How are you attempting to change prices? There are 3 current ways. On the CrowdControl website, in-side the Crowd Control app, and then on the new website.

If you’re trying on the app, try on the website. I don’t see anything that should be causing this, and it’s odd that it’s just SMW but knowing where you’re doing it will help.

I’ve tried on the desktop app and the crowd control site, but haven’t tried the warp world site.

Lemme try that real quick and I’ll report back.

I believe it is fixed now. You had a menu, so I’m not sure why it was throwing that error. But removing your old menu, allowed it to save an updated meu. So you should be all set going forward.