Support Geometry Dash

I posted somewhere else on these forums that I play Geometry Dash. Jaku told me that Warp World used to support Geometry Dash, but no longer does.

This is my attempt at rounding up interest in Geometry Dash features for Warp World. If you play Geometry Dash and want to be able to receive levels from viewers through warp world, let Jaku know here! :smiley: :smiley:

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Oh i asked him that before. He said he will make that possible soon :slight_smile: I am still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Be sure to vote up this thread to make it a priority. I managed to find the old code for it, but it’s pretty much not working with the current database structure.

I can most likely get the old code running on the old server but it won’t have Warp Bar support and it would be the old black and white text interface at the start.

The biggest issue we will have with bringing it back is the API used on Warp World was coded for Mario Maker, so a bunch of that would need to be adapted for Geometry Dash, but it would be a good test for us to get more games supported.


that would be nice. I play geometry dash and playing viewer levels may help my stream.

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