Turnip Exchange Warp Bar

I’ve been using the turnip.exchange now and it’s a lot of fun. what would it take to add a warp bar with queue information from turnip.exchange instead of warp world queue?

I notice some of the API calls for gathering queue information, but not sure if this is something you folks are looking at.

We’re not looking to combine these services at this time. The TurnipExchange is meant as a standalone service that does not require Twitch.

If you’re looking to use the Warp Bar for something similar, you can setup MultiQueue with Animal Crossing to limit how many users can get the code by using the !whisper function. Only users in the queue can get the code, and you can limit the amount entries to say 5 to let 5 people on your island at a time.


One of our developers had some free time and came up with this.


Replace the word demo with an actual TurnipCode and it should work as expected. That should help ya for streaming for now, it’s not currently released for public but anyone that stumbles upon it is free to use for now.