Twitch Name Changes!

If you haven’t already heard, Twitch now let’s you choose a new name once every 60 days.

This is a great new change on Twitch, however because of the way Warp World was designed we used your Twitch name as a unique identifier to organize your settings and levels. We will be migrating over to the Twitch ID system in the next few days, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up here that if you do change your name on Twitch, you will lose your settings and level stats when you login next. To prevent that, you can just let us know what you changed your name to and we can update it so all that information comes back. Eventually this will all be automated but Twitch likes to announce features without a whole lot of heads up.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Uh, hi Jaku/

Can you please change my name?

Thank you!

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@letter10gaming To what name, from what name?

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TheLetter10 to Letter10Gaming

Please and thank you! :slight_smile:

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This should be done now. Let us know if you have any issues as you are the first to request name change.


Thank you @jaku. I most definitely appreciate it.

I checked everything and so far it seems to be running fine.

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My pseudo twitch is JeuxRage.Befor it was JeuxRome. Thank

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@jeuxrage the system should now automatically detect name changes, please confirm :slight_smile:


The system should now automatically detect namechanges. Log out then back in again if you’re still seeing your old name.

A few notes tho.

(as all urls contains your username, which now has changed, so has the urls)


I’ve changed my name from HawkScarletAbyss to TheHawkSFX.
Though I think I need to do my token thing all over again because my Warp Bar won’t show up in OBS Studio now.

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Yes, your name is included in the warp bar url. If your name changes so does your url that you add into OBS. Go to your settings to grab the new one.

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I just did a name change a couple weeks ago in January 2018. Have the settings been migrated automatically?

Is it possible to get a change from Conkerisanut to Timmiiverse please?

It should happen automatically when you login. Or do you mean on the forum?

Both but hadn’t realised that was the deal cause usually logged in by default on own system, cheers.