Unable connect to Crowd Control servers

Using Crowd Control got a new error message today “Unable connect to Crowd Control servers. Please reach out to support” I’ve tried restarting, reinstalling, checked firewalls, logged out and log back in on both the application and website. Not sure how to get this connection back. Any help is appreciated!

Also to add just in case. I have had no issues in the past using crowd control. I recently updated to the most recent client 6.3.4.

I noticed you having issues and tried to contact you on Twitter.

To explain the issue more. There was an update to the SD2SNES service that we use.

If you use the a flash cart for SNES games you’ll be familiar with that this is. However many users also just start that service when going through settings.

Because the service runs as SYSTEM and is running when you update we’re unable to update it and the old version of the client didn’t expect for this.

So all other files get updated except this one and it prevents you from connecting to the server.

So stopping this service and then running the installer from the website will fix it.

Thank you Jaku for the wonderful explanation. You have gone above and beyond solving my issue. Just in case anyone discovers this post in the future, here’s a recap and what solved my issue.

Problem: Notification on crowd control “Unable connect to Crowd Control servers. Please reach out to support”

Solution was to go to ‘ROM Setup’ and select ‘Stop’ under FXPAK\SD2SNES.
If status does not change to ‘Stopped’ follow below

Press the windows key, type services and then look for the CrowdControl USB2SNES service listed there and stop it manually.

— Jaku (@Jaku) July 7, 2022