Unable to log in

I can’t log in to the desktop program.

Everytime I try to log in with my Twitch account and I authenticate Crowd Control, it loads for a little bit, and then asks me to log in again. Creating this endless loop of logging in and authenticating.

Anyway I can resolve this?

Hey @jaydoofus ! Try logging into https://crowdcontrol.live/ first, then try logging back into the desktop app.

That did the trick! Thanks!

I’m bumping this topic because I’m having the same issue as described above, but the above solution hasn’t solved the problem. I’m logged in to https://crowdcontrol.live/ now, but the “login with Twitch” option on the desktop app is just looping infinitely.

It opens a Twitch sign-in window, but closes it before it loads, as if it’s just doing a one-click sign in. But it doesn’t actually do anything. I tried clearing my cache and re-installing the newest version of the app. Best I can get is the Twitch login window to fully load, at which point I put in my login info, complete my 2FA, and then it asks me to login with Twitch again. Rinse, repeat.

Hello, have you changed your twitch name while using CC? What’s is your old name and current name?

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I have! I thought clearing my cache and re-downloading would solve that, but perhaps not. My previous Twitch name was “TimeWanderer33” and now it’s just “TimeWanderer” without the numbers.

Try refreshing all the things, you should be all set!

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Yo, you’re the best, thank you! Have all the follows!

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what all should be refreshed? I’m having the same problem

Did you change your Twitch name recently?

Refreshing all the things won’t work for you until we get more information, the comment from S4turn was for timewanderer after the fixes for their account was implemented.

I just downloaded CC for the first time and the desktop app is having this issue. I’m logged into https://crowdcontrol.live/ but I’m having an infinite loop trying to login. I have not changed my twitch name while using CC because I’ve just installed it

I was able to do the full login prosses once but after i put in my 2FA code the login loop started.

hey @flamango121 what’s your twitch name?

my twitch name is flamango121

This appears to have been resolved. We’re not completely sure why, but it appears to have been a small twitch glitch.