Uncaught error listen EACCES crowd control

Running into a new problem, I’ve had the program running smoothly for a couple of months now and this is my first error message.

Uncaught error: listen EACCES crowd control (port #)

Things I’ve tried
Full uninstallation, including uninstalling files in the app data folders.
Running in admin mode

I’m at a loss for what could be the problem.

Note: There has been no change to my software or hardware including GPU updates and drivers since it went from working to not working. Any help would be greatly appreceated.

It’s possible something else is listening on that port and when our software is opened it’s conflicting.

If you have anything else listening on port 54005, or 31337 it could be causing that. I’d say 54005 is the more likely issue, additionally, you might have blocked it in the firewall. So allowing it on the firewall could be a way to get past it as well.

Let me know what you find. Thanks.

After two days of checking ports, routers, making firewall exceptions for both ports and programs, I’m completely stumped.

Sucks because I was really enjoying using this program :frowning:


Update: I can verify that the ports are not in use by any other program. With all firewalls deactivated, and with new rules for ports made, still nothing.

I believe that there may be a problem with the install directory files themselves. Is there a diagnostic tool or a way to verify files? Have there been problems with uninstalling and reinstalling this program? Has the attached image error message ever been seen before these forums?

Can you try running the program in Administrator mode? That error normally means something on your computer is listening or something is preventing it from opening that port due to permissions.

Additionally I’ll have a build of the program tomorrow for you to try that may help resolve this issue.