User called Null could spend a lot of coin, without even having them!

So, I was in livestream, playing Minecraft, and a user called “null” did explode me a lot of times.
That would be okay, but the price for blowing me up was 60! And he didn’t have buyed any coins (I know that because I did not gain any Bits…)! If he only have 50 coins how could he activate tons of effects ?
I will place here the VOD link!
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At 02:00:06 I open the chat and show all the times CC was used by null!
At 02:01:13 he does it the last time!

Null isn’t actually a user, there is just a small bug with the Crowd Control pack for Minecraft when effects are pooled. Instead of saying “The Crowd” it will be null.

So when you see null, it’s a pooled effect meaning multiple users are able to put coins towards it to activate.