Using Bot on Twitch w/ Mod help

I did a lot of searching and all I see is “Warp world has certain commands that mods can use” but no one is specifying what I need to do to allow mods command access.

I made warpworldbot a mod, I can issue all the commands in chat with no problem, but my mod can’t do anything a normal user can’t do (ie !next)

What do I have to do to fix that?

And while I’m here, is there a way to allow a user to replace a current queue item with a new one? I see some streams use !replace or !add but I’m guessing they are using a different bot?

Where do you see the “Warp world has certain commands that mods can use” quote? I can’t think of where that would be said, but any commands that mods could use would most likely be limited to things like “!next, !remove, !skip”. But even I would be hesitant that those would work.

Replace is not something the current bot can do, the older version had replace support but due to the original intentions of the MultiQueue bot, it queues the “viewer”. Which with that logic, replacing the viewer would just replace the viewer with themselves. It is something we are working on a solution for and I’ll see if we can get it added in during this month.

Is there any way that a mod can assist with the queue system if needed? For example, if the level was not queued into warp world by the streamer, is there a way that a mod would be able to perform this function instead if the broadcaster decides to !allow @user to control the chat settings of the bot? similarly with other features, can this also allow other commands such as !win/loss or preset commands if they were changed such as !n !subn !rand or !closeq ?
Thank you for your time.