Using non-Roman alphabet characters?

I’m having a problem using characters that are non-Roman alphabets, for example my native language Korean.

The Warp World site seems to reject me with a red X if I use non-Roman alphabets into any of the boxes, be it a name for the queue or command outputs.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is it just not supported at the moment? If it’s not supported at the moment, I would really love for a future update that allows for this option - this would incredibly help with the convenience/comfort/readability of viewers on a non-English speaking channel such as mine.

Thanks to all in advance! :slight_smile:

We technically had supported this but there was a bug introduced in a newer filter when these entries were being updated.

It’s now been fixed and you should be able to enter non-Roman characters again.

First of all, thank you for the prompt reply and your support for non-Roman characters!

Unfortunately, non-Roman characters, (at least Korean) only function partially. Below are my findings/results:

  1. You CANNOT type Korean into commands - it will simply automatically keep erasing the characters.
    (If there is no fix for this then it’s fine but if there is a way to somehow implement non-Roman characters into commands, it would be awesome)

  2. You CAN type into the command outputs, and they’re also reflected in chat outputs correctly.

  3. You CAN type into the lef/right side of the WarpBar Configure Items, but even though they’re saved they simply won’t be reflected. Selecting/Adding other queues in the list still shows the previous format using Roman characters only, and refreshing the page just erases your config format and reverts back to the original one.

From this point on are other problems I discovered non-related to this topic - my apologies in advance if this is a really bad idea and I should simply create a separate topic for this, but I wan’t sure so here I go anyways. But please tell me if I should simply create another topic for this, and I will do so asap.

  1. I noticed that WarpWorld is incredible in that it also knows and prints out the level name in one of the command outputs, with the variable being $levelName. However, when I tried using this variable in the WarpBar Items, it simply did not read in the level name but just showed “$levelName”. Is this a bug or something intentional? Maybe it would make great sense and add to the beauty of the service if you could show level names in WarpBars as well and not just in chat outputs?

  2. I also don’t know if this is a bug or something intentional, but every entryname in WarpBar Items output not just the user’s ID, but @ID. For example, not just “TwitchUser” but “@TwitchUser”. This isn’t anything serious but my viewers and I found that extra @ in front to be quite ugly and bothersome. Any chance this could go away in the future?

Thank you for all your support!

I’ve updated it so the Warp Bar items can be updated as well. This was a similar oversight as the first one.

For commands however, it currently only supports US letters/numbers for the command names. Changing this would be a bit more work due to how unicode characters work for this. I don’t know if this will be supported at this time but it will be noted.

For your other issues.

$levelName only works in the command response. This information isn’t exposed to the WarpBar at this time, it is planned but we have bigger plans that are delaying this.

The @ is intentional on the names for now. It’s solving another bug that is being fixed and will be resolved on the new site launch.

Thank you for everything, that was some light-speed fixes/updates! I’ve checked to confirm that things are now indeed properly being reflected on the Warp Bar. As for the other bugs/problems, I completely understand.

Again, thank you very much for all the time and effort you’re putting into the service. Have a nice day!