Very, very confused how to set up warp world with Nightbot

Unfortunately, I’m on a mac and OBS is currently not functional, so I was trying to set up warp world SMM2 queue with my Nightbot. However, the YouTube tutorial is no longer accurate, since the website functions completely differently now. I attempted to follow the instructions for setting up my queue with my own bot, but it asks me to sign in on a separate account and I really don’t understand why. How do you find the settings tab to copy and paste new commands into Nightbot like it shows you to do in the video?

Thanks so much.

Multiqueue does not work with any other bot other than WarpBot. You don’t need to setup your own bot, you just need the WarpBar to be active either in something like OBS or just in Safari/Chrome.

Additionally, since you mentioned the sign in for a separate account. You don’t need to do that.

It’s setup to be WarpWorldBot automatically as long as you have the URL loaded as previously mentioned. Only if you have a custom bot like “jakuBot” already would you need to do the custom setup.

Oh shoot, :frowning: okay that would have been really good to know before I very hesitantly signed up for a Nightbot following the instructions on the homepage instructional video. Thanks so much for the info and your quick reply.