Viruses dont download

remove ANY viruses if you are a dev

We will take a look, but Yandex is known for false positives. What scanner was this?

So yeah VirusTotal uses a bunch of different virus providers signatures to try and detect this sort of stuff. However there are many false positives with this. Unless one of major virus definition companies (avast, McAfee, Norton, etc) flagged it you’re usually pretty safe.

You most likely uploaded this file because you got a warning on the initial install. It should be noted that we use a code signing certificate to help prevent these and that the process to get a code signing cert is no easy task. However, the warning only appears for some users as the application rebuilds its reputation as we just renewed this code signing cert last week.

TL;DR. We don’t have a virus in our program and take more precautions than most other software developers in our space when it comes to this.