Warp Bar custom HTML/CSS tags


Could we have custom HTML/CSS tags in the fields in “WarpBar Info” tab. So we could separate colors for different sections or add new lines to the warp bar.


We don’t support doing this on the website itself, but you should be able to use OBS/xSplit to override the CSS from there.

Yeah I actually tried that but the css code i put in OBS doesn’t override the css in the warp bar. So I thought to create my own html that uses the warp world api but i couldn’t find an endpoint that brings for example the current name of the submitter or the current entry.


GDQ uses the CSS override when they use the WarpBar. So I know it can be done.

You’d be better off connecting over the websocket to get all the data you want. If you watch the connection on the WarpBar itself, you should be able to figure it out and build out whatever you want that way.

I will double check the CSS override.

Regarding the suggestion you made, I went and watched the apis calls to the warp world backend and they are pretty straightforward and I could build some custom stuff with it. However, if I may suggest that we could have two extra fields in the " WarpBar Info". One for custom css code and one for custom js code. This way I dont need to rebuild the warp bar from scratch and I would not worry about api updates or changes that might break what I built.


We did have custom CSS at one point but no one used it. So it wasn’t carried over during the rewrite to the new version of the warp bar.

I would like to see that implemented along with the JS stuff, so I’ll include it on the list for the update to the bar. But that might take a bit of time. I’ll try and think of a quick work around if needed as well.

Thank you.
I will write some code that uses the warp bar backend to show you what I am trying to achieve. It is basically a theme for warpbar. So instead of just a bar , it will have some decoration and stuff.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I appreciate it.

Btw, I accidentally posted my previous reply using my testing account :wink: