Warp Bar Timer Inaccurate to Timer on Warp World Dashboard

I’ve been streaming and noticing I’ve spent over 15 minutes on a level without hearing the alert from the Warp Bar alerting me. According to the Dashboard page, the timer is accurate. However, I’ve noticed the timer on the Warp Bar would usually be off by as much as 10 minutes or more. It seems to happen at random, though there may be a pattern which I just haven’t noticed yet.

As for steps to reproduce, just have the warp bar open in OBS and start a level. I’m not sure there’s anything else.

Pausing and starting the timer again seems to fix it in cases where it does happen, I’ve noticed.

Edit: I’ve found a likely cause. Reproduce it by starting a level, wait a minute or 2, and close queue (through the WW page, haven’t tested in chat). This causes the Warp Bar to refresh, resetting the timer on the bar, but not the page itself.

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