Warp Bot Picking up commands mid sentence?

All the commands seem to work fine, I just a had a question/request to see if this is possible to do this. The bot picks up all of the commands at the beginning of the messages. For example, if I were to type “!add xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, the warp bot would add my level to queue. But is there a way to make it so warp bot is able to detect the string “!add xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx” and all the other commands if I were to type them mid sentence? For example if I were to say “I like pie. !add xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx I think it is really good” in its current state wouldn’t add the level. The only reason why I ask for this is because I want to add like a little wildcard to my stream. Since I play viewer levels in random order, probability is crucial. So I wanted to make it so people could use my yusefbot as an extra level slot, so people could fight over it by replacing each others levels gaining an edge. There is a way to repeat a message on streamlabs chatbot, but the only problem is that people can end up banning and timing each other out if they were to type “!repeatmessage /ban username” which the bot would output “/ban username” because my bot would repeat the message and execute it. So just curious is there is a loophole to this or if there is a way to make this possible with warp bot commands so I dont have to deal with that issue. Thanks!

It’s currently not possible to detect the commands mid-sentence. I think the best solution would be to play around yourself with custom commands in ankhbot or whichever bot you’re using.

If you want your bot to “hold” a spot in the queue, which others should be able to edit, you could modify the !replace command. For example if you added the following snippet to !botreplace, then whenever someone does !botreplace <code> it would replace the level your bot got in the queue. Then solve all the logics in your own bot, maybe charge X currency to use the command? That would mean the user now has 2 spots in your queue, until someone else purchase that spot.

All other commands could be edited in a similar way.