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How do I disable this bot from creating clips of my channel?

Hi! We will add ways to disable clip creation on your channel in the next couple of days. I will update this post when it is working.

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Heya trev. I disabled the clip creation. It was making clips of your channel whenever you had a ‘memory’ event happen - Subs, giftsubs, Cheers>500, and raids. If you ever want to re-enable it just login to https://memories.warp.world

If you want to see what it was doing exactly, you can see more info here -> https://memories.warp.world/s/trevskeet - this is a catalog of your stream memories

https://memories.warp.world/v/trevskeet - and here are any times you’ve made memories in channels you’ve supported.

Hope this clears everything up!

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Thanks guys, much appreciated!