Warp Queue Channel Points Integration

As the title says, looking to set up a channel points redemption that would then add someone to the queue, limiting drive-by queuers and incentivizing users to stay in the stream outside of their own request. From what I can find this is not a currently supported feature, but I think it would be amazing to have for everyone! During my investigations, I found that Trigger Fyre has the ability to pull from point redemptions as if they were commands. Additionally one can require a user to enter text with their points redemption to prevent accidental blank entries.

Of course, if I’ve missed some way to do this with Warp Queue (Not Crowd Control) please do correct me. Thanks for the awesome bot, keep up the fantastic work!

It’s a great suggestion, I’ll see how I can implement it.

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Hey again! Just checking in to see how progress is going on this front, thanks!

I would love this as well!