Warp World bar blank when playing viewer level

Hello, Ive been using warp world for about a month now for SMM2 in OBS and like it, but Ive noticed that when a level is selected to be played, the warp world bar will show the level, its creator, its code, etc, for about 5 seconds, rotate to my queues win/loss stats, and then rotate to a blank bar for the remainder of the time that that level is being played. This stays like this until whatever level is current, is removed, and then the bar texts begins to rotate through different stuff normally again. Make a new level current, and then the same problem begins again; a blank bar with no text after a single showing of the current levels information.

There must be a simple solution to this but I cannot find it. Please advise.

It appears the be an issue with the session info on your queue. Best thing to do right now while I dig into it. Is create a new queue for Super Mario Maker 2. See if that just works, if not.

Go to Bots & More, WarBar Info, and then in all those settings make sure there are no variables with session in the name.

Thanks Jaku for the reply.

I have done the two things youve suggested, and the problem remains. I made a new queue, disabled the old one, but aside from the bars color changing back to default, theres still no info displayed for a current level after the single initial showing of it. I also went into the warpbar info and removed the 2 entries that had “session” in them, but alas that did not seem to have any effect that I could discern.

Any news on this?

Sorry about the delay. I think it’s now fixed. You may need to reload.

Actually, still seems to be causing some issues. I’m digging into this today.

Should now be fixed.

Its looking good Jaku, Thanks! And nice to see in stream the other day; welcome back anytime! :slight_smile: