Warp World Pro Patreon Not Linking To Account

I was trying to make it where I could configure the amount of free coins my viewers started with at the beginning of each stream. When I went to pledge for the warp world pro membership I already had my twitch account linked to my patreon. After pledging I waited a while and logged into the crowdcontrol site went to the dashboard so I could set things up.

When I went to the dashboard it said I wasn’t a pro member even after pledging. I waited a couple days to maybe see if there was just a delay, but it still shows I am not a pro membership so at the moment I can’t change the free coins for my viewers.

Is there a step I might be missing?

It should be fairly instant if your Twitch was linked before pledging.

Make sure you log out and log back into Crowd Control as it won’t activate if you were already logged in.

Yep, that was the problem. Relogged in later and it worked. Thank you for the great support.

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uh sadly the problem took an interesting turn.

When I came back to try and adjust the free coins amount after doing some test streaming I no longer had the option.

I tried logging in and out again, but nothing. So I was able to check it out for a day than next day I came back and no possibility of changing the free coin amount.

We had some weird issues with Patreon recently updating things or sending us invalid information. Can you confirm if things are good again?

So far for the last few days I can confirm it is working for me at the moment.