Warp World Pro

Warp World Pro is a new way for streamers to help show their support for Warp World. It is currently linked to our Patreon page, and we have multiple tiers for you to choose from. Be sure to link your Twitch account to your Patreon before pledging to ensure a seamless experience. If it’s linked after pledging it can take up to 1 hour to sync.

Once you join the appropriate tier, your account will automatically update on our services as a “Pro” account. Below is a list of features that you can expect to receive at level of tier that is listed as “Streamer” or higher! We plan to add a few more options as time goes on!


  • You gain access to some exclusive Patreon only channels, including a priority support channel!


  • We upgrade your Discord bot with MultiQueue to show more level details when a user submits a Super Mario Maker 2 level to your queue!


We also plan to have some additional features for all users of MultiQueue and not just Mario Maker!

Crowd Control:

  • Ability to adjust your subscription coins as a partner or affiliate.
  • Ability to adjust the free coins amount given during each session.
  • As a non-partner/affiliate, you will now be able to use the extension on your channel.**

** Your viewers will be unable to exchange bits for coins, however, they will be able to redeem the free coins for each session you do. Be sure to adjust your effect prices accordingly. We hope to announce additional features around this soon.

Warp World Pro features are being worked on for 1UpCoin and other services as well. If you have any suggestions on other features you’d like to see, feel free to reach out to us on social media or email!