Follower only for MultiQueue?

Hi, I’m just wondering if a follower-only mode could be implemented in MultiQueue as it is in the SMM1 Queue. (Or has it been implemented and I can’t find it?)

Regardless, thanks so much for the amazing tool. Did my first SMM2 viewer level stream today and it was smooth sailing!

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Thanks for the suggestion. However we currently will be focusing on other features before returning this feature to multi-queue. It caused too much confusion when MultiQueue first launched and we found that statistically it didn’t help keep followers.

Some issues we had was verifying the user is still following on every submission, this causes an extra lookup everytime a user submits an entry. Which for smaller channels not a huge deal, but for bigger channels you’re increasing lookups by a lot.

We may reintroduce this at a later time but we have other things we’re hard at work implementing. If you want a “follow only” queue, I recommend you enable follow only mode in your chat, and open the queue for a few minutes and allow viewers to add during that time for now.