Pokemon Blue Error

Hey everybody don’t know if this was talked about already I couldn’t find a post for it. After setting up CC for Pokemon Blue the game won’t progress to giving Oak his parcel right in the beginning of the game. I get my starter, do the first battle, go to Viridian City and get Oak’s parcel from the mart. When I go back to Pallet Town the game won’t give him the parcel and I’m not able to proceed. I redownloaded the same rom without setting it up as crowd control and it works just fine. So i’m not sure what could be going on and any help would be much appreciated it.

The parcel is not needed in Crowd Control for Pokemon. As mentioned in the game setup guide.

We updated the behavior of the Pokemon Mart, instead of just getting Oak’s Parcel, you now also get the Pokedex here. This solves the issue with not being able to get past the old man. You do not need to deliver the parcel to Oak.

Thank you for the reply. I must have missed that when setting up.

edit: should it be “resetting” the mart? As in the mart keeps giving me the “tell oak i said hi” response and i’m not able to buy anything.

edit #2: Also I’m trying to figure out the math for equations. I’m trying to adjust the prices so they’re a little more affordable for my smaller audience. For a wild battle it says the equation is base price + (pokemon * log(level)). Right now for example my Abra is set at 62 and base price is 75. So lets say I want to send a level 2 Abra, the equation would be 75 + (62 * log(2)) right? Because according to the calculator that is 93.66 but the live extension says that a level 2 Abra costs 261 CC coins. So i’m just trying to figure out where that difference of almost 200 coins would be.