How do I set up crowd control onto a Mac?

I am new to twitch streaming, and I was hoping to give my viewers a more interactive experience by downloading crowd control, but all of the versions I see are a .exe file, which is sadly not supported by the Mac I am using. Yet I have found a bunch of replies claiming to have crowd control on a Mac. Soon, I began searching all over twitch, crowd control, YouTube, and this website in attempts to find a way to download this program to my laptop. So far I have found nothing. Is there really a Mac download for this program, or am I going way too over my head?

I’m not sure where you found anything about Crowd Control working on Mac. But it is Windows only for now.

Can you link where you found the Mac supported claims?

Sure, give me a moment to grab them please…


are the pages on this website where users claim they were using Macs. There were other websites, but I can’t remember where I found them since it took me such a long time to find them in the first place.

I might have skimmed and misread them though, which if that is the case, is my fault.

Ah I see the confusion. Those are users using our MultiQueue software which works on all OSes since it runs in the browser. Multi-Queue is just queue software for your stream.

Is there a specific game you’re looking for Crowd Control support with on the Mac?

Yes, I am looking for minecraft. Thank you.

It’s possible that, that game may actually work with Crowd Control on Mac with some changes. I’ll have to do some testing but I’ll update here if I’m successful.

Thank you so much!

This is going to be a little more difficult, but should still be possible. We’ll work to get some basic support soon.

Great! Will this be available for everyone though?

Yeah if all goes planned we’ll have a Mac version for at least Minecraft and a few other games.

Great! Thank you so much!

Hey sorry to necro this a bit, however I am trying to do a fundraiser and figured Crowd Control could help boost my donations. Any chance of this working on the newer ARM Macs with an OoT Randomizer running on dolphin?

Sorry no, it wasn’t easy to do last time and needs to wait until our rewrite which won’t be for a while.