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2 for Tuesday: Super Mario Bros 2 & Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Out of no where, we decide to release two awesome packs for the NES! Thanks to our new team mate, DtotheFouth, we have SMB2 and Z2 out with patched ROMs for extra crazy effects.

Check out he game guide for SMB2 here and Zelda2 here for more info.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer

The long awaited pack it finally here! We have been waiting for our friends over at to release v5 of their rando, which fully supports our pack. We had a lot of fun putting this together and will be making a few tweaks here and there(and maybe more effects) in the upcoming weeks. Expect a lot more Zelda from the Crowd Control team in the future!

Since this pack does require the randomizer to work, please take a look at our game guide for more info!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

In coordination with the anniversary of Symphony of the Night and our secret trip to Japan, we have this amazing game ready to go! Have at you! Our second PS1 game may be our best yet? This also works with the randomizer out of the box.

Check out our game guide for more info!

Sim City SNES

Kicking off the first Mystery Game, we have Sim City. This is the first part in a hopefully on-going series of releases where Jaku will pick a game randomly that no one really asked for before, and see what we can do with Crowd Control. This is a huge leap in showing that we plan to support as many games as possible, even the ones that most might not think or want.

As always check out the game guide for all additional information!

Super Mario 64

It wouldn’t be a super month if we only had one super game come out. So we are happy to announce Super Mario 64 is now available on Crowd Control. We’ve made a lot of fun effects that we think you’re gonna like!

We are currently working on testing out randomizes and other rom-hacks of SM64 for compatibility but feel free to suggest your favorite hacks to us and we’ll see what we can do.

As always check out the game guide for all additional information!


Additionally, today we are also announcing support for your subscribers to receive coins in the extension. They can claim these coins at any time the extension is enabled and will be able to claim the coins once per-month. Make sure the extension has permissions to accept subscriptions by going to toggle the option that says "This extension can view my subscriptions list."

Each tier will receive a different amount.

  • Tier 1: 100

  • Tier 2: 250

  • Tier 3: 600

Super Metroid

With the 25th anniversary of the US release of Super Metroid we wanted to do something special, and so with that we are announcing the release of the Super Metroid (beta) pack. This is a current WIP for Super Metroid and while many effects are already in, we have some more planned. However also due to the size of the game we want to put an emphasis on the beta. Things can and will break, so please remember to save often and if you’re using an emulator remember you can rewind if you get in any tough spots.

Check out the setup guide here and enjoy!

Mega Man Week!

Mega Man 2 (Released 3/29/19)

Mega Man 3 (Released 3/30/19)

Mega Man 4 (Released 3/31/19)

Mega Man X (Released 4/1/19)

Mega Man 8 (Released 4/2/19)

We also plan to have some showcase streams that we will be tweeting about as we confirm the details. But for now, feel free to check out the new games and if you find any bugs feel free to reach out to us on our forum, Discord or Twitter!

Additionally! We are launching our new overlay along with this release, check out the Configuration on the extension to get more details and to start it. You’ll now be able to add a custom browser source overlay in OBS/xSplit that shows the current effects and the effects log. It’s really sweet and we’re gonna be supporting a lot more things with this soon! Check out the setup guide on our forum!

Dark Souls Release!

We may have just launched support for Pokémon, but we’re not done yet. We are pleased to announce that we have just launched release for Dark Souls on PC.

Crowd Control works with both Prepare to Die and Remastered versions of the game so if you have either one you’re good to go. This game should be the easiest to setup yet! But as always check out the setup guide before starting your stream so you can make sure everything is working as expected!

We are still actively working on adding new effects and features for Dark Souls and understand you might be wanting more, so don’t worry we got more in store for Dark Souls.

Pokémon Red & Blue Release!

It may have taken us a little bit longer than planned, but we are happy to announce that Pokémon is now available for user on Crowd Control! We have been working on this for a long time and put a lot of extra work into it this last week so we hope you enjoy it! This game has a few differences from our other games, so be sure to read carefully to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Check out the Item Pricing and set prices that you think your chat will respond to best. We made some default pricing for affiliates and partners but every community is different so try to spend some time before starting your stream to take a look and make adjustments. Also remember if during your stream you wish to edit prices you can, but you’ll want to stop the current Crowd Control session and edit prices before starting back up.

Also finally, we ask that you get familiar with BizHawk, the ability to save state, and especially rewind your game. (By default the hotkey for rewind is Shift+R) If you ever get stuck during your play though you can use this to rewind out of soft-locks, or other impossible type scenarios that might come up while using Crowd Control. The other thing to be aware of is that GameBoy games require a firmware to be installed for BizHawk, we can’t provide you with this file but to ensure that you have the correct file your file should match the following:


| — | — |

|[BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World).gb|59C8598E|

Pokémon is a very different experience than other Crowd Control games, so be sure to save often and have fun!


As always if you have suggestions, comments, or need support you can reach out to us on our Twitter,

Discord or Forum!

Crowd Control Relaunch!

Hello Warp World and Crowd Control fans! Keep an eye on this section for the latest updates and news about the CrowdControl software and what the Warp World team is up to!

Desktop App Redesign

Our desktop app has gone through a major overhaul! The Crowd Control team has reworked the Desktop experience from the ground up. We’ve packed a ton of features into the new experience to make setting up, starting games, and staying in touch with what is happening in your Crowd Control session much easier and more intuitive. We’re not done with the Desktop app, so stay tuned for more new features coming soon.

How to get the new client

You should be able to grab the new client on the right side of this page.

What’s new in the client?

  • The desktop app will now launch bizhawk for you and be preconfigured based on the game you want to play. Just make sure to define the paths under Configuration

  • As before, the client will auto-update itself, so make sure to check before starting things up by closing out and reopening. The client itself will also check every 4 hours for a new update.

  • The effect log path has been updated to “ %APPDATA%/CrowdControl/effect_log.txt

  • See the setup guide for full details at

Website Redesign

You’re lookin’ at it! The Warp World team think its pretty fancy, and we hope you do to. That said, we know that changing things up can be confusing if pages have different names or the feature you’re looking for isn’t in the same place as it used to be, so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Just ping us over on Discord in the #bugs or #help channels or on Twitter and we’ll get you sorted out.

Overall, the site should function the same. You can edit your item pricing over at and see our new setup guide at

Whats Next?

As you can probably tell, the Warp World team is pretty excited about all the new updates we’ve gotten thus far, but we’re not stopping there. Expect to hear some news soon about more new supported games and updates to our extensions and applications.

Hello Warp World and Crowd Control fans! Keep an eye on this section for the latest updates and news about the CrowdControl software and what the Warp World team is up to!